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Powerful tool for Oracle PL/SQL development and administration.
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May 9, 2011

About DreamCoder for Oracle Enterprise Freeware

DreamCoder for Oracle Enterprise Freeware is a comprehensive tool for developing and managing an Oracle database. This product increases the productivity and quality of development teams and database administrators.In DreamCoder for Oracle you will find different tools and modules to manage and develop an Oracle database server .DreamCoder for Oracle provides an intuitive interface that allows you to perform database tasks quickly and easily. DreamCoder for Oracle has all the features that allow you to quickly and easily perform all development and management through its intuitive interface which includes the most advanced options to build and debug SQL and PL / SQL code. Other features included facilitate the process to create, publish, duplicate, export and delete objects, compile and run stored procedures, export and import data, generate reports, monitor the activity of the database, synchronize the database, build and run queries, format the SQL and PL / SQL code, handle BLOB and CLOB and many other features.It supports Oracle database server from version 8 to version 11g and each of the new features included.

Changes in this version:

Full Unicode Support, enhanced data export and import capabilities, enhanced SQL editor, enhanced auto completion and editor performance and other small improvements and bug fixes.

System requirements:

Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7

( By Mentat Technologies - DreamCoder for Oracle Enterprise Freeware Publisher )

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